Economic dissertation topics: issues to stay away from

When you are writing an economic dissertation topic it is important to stay away from topics that cannot be appropriately argued. You do not want to cover a topic such as “predicting what will happen after the collapse of the real estate bubble in 2008” if you are only going to predict five or ten years out. This analysis cannot really be completed because the time has passed and the topic is no longer a relevant on. The same is true of topics that have been analyzed to death. You cannot write about an issue that has been analyzed in every way possible; you need something new.

When you are writing your dissertation it is best that you remember to:

  1. Write each day. This may seem trivial but it is important. You have to write each and every day in order to get all of your milestones met. Now during this work period you should not work for more than forty five minutes straight. Take breaks after every forty five minutes. The brain cannot actively focus on your tasks for more than that. If you try to go without taking breaks you will only strain yourself and make it much more difficult to continue.
  2. If you are sitting down to work and your brain just cannot focus on creative tasks that is perfectly fine. The brain switches back and forth throughout the day between creative tasks and mundane ones. That is why some times it is easier for you to work on creative writing projects and other times it is easier to sit and flip through the pages of a magazine. When this happens and you are left trying to focus but unable to focus you can use your time wisely on something else. If you cannot write creatively then move on to reading a source you have been meaning to get through. Move on to writing your bibliography. Move on to formatting the chapters in your dissertation. Do something else that contributes to your project. Not all of it has to be writing.
  3. Also remember to reward yourself. After you met milestones or finish deadlines you should reward yourself. Eat your favorite ice cream or go out for drinks with your friends. The small rewards will be well worth it in the end and will help to keep your sanity and motivation.