A List Of Good Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

If you’re about to get started on writing your dissertation you’re going to need to choose an original and interesting topic that will contribute to your discipline and area of study as well as provide a unique understanding of a particular area. For many, it can be difficult to come up with a good topic, so we’ve come up with a list to help inspire you or get the creative juices going:

  1. On Business: Discuss how international organizations are coping with the growing complexity of self-management behind the fact that non-government groups are increasing in power.
  2. On Economics: Explain how local culture plays a role in shaping how entrepreneurships take modern or new approaches towards the way they conduct business.
  3. On Politics: Discuss how reforms in international laws can lead to improvements in international relations and what reforms are most likely.
  4. On Media: Provide an analysis of how sources used by journalists should be protected by the freedom of expression even in cases where there is a complete breach of confidence.
  5. On Education: Provide evidence either for or against spreading the period required to earn a university degree to somewhere between 5 or 10 years to counteract the rising costs of tuition.
  6. On Business: Compare and contrast past or current trends in international business and how behavior in politics affects how these trends work.
  7. On Economics: Explain how the top IT firms in the US have come to succeed and whether their location or base of operations has had anything to do with this.
  8. On Literature: Provide an analysis of John Donne’s poetry, specifically on his use of geography in themes of love and loss.
  9. On Media: Discuss how watchdog programs have become an integral part of responsible journalism and how societies are better because of their persistence in revealing what other media entities don’t.
  10. On Politics: Describe how the US’s foreign policy illustrates how it has a close relationship with Britain and other allies.
  11. On Education: Discuss how standardized testing affects students’ academic success and whether or not completely eliminating it in the secondary school system would help.
  12. On Politics: Describe the significant international events that have occurred since the September 11 terrorist attacks.
  13. On Politics: Discuss how the Western world’s relationship with China’s government descriptive of its relationship with Asian nations as a whole.