Where To Get A Solid Dissertation Introduction Chapter Example

When you are writing your dissertation one of the biggest challenges for students is to write their introduction chapter. If you are struggling with your dissertation introduction Chapter one of the best things you can do for yourself is to obtain an introduction chapter example. Having an introduction chapter example will show you exactly what you need and give me the motivation to get started. One of the reasons that many students struggle to start with the introduction is that they don't know exactly what they need to include or how. But if they have a sample on hand they can review that sample and it gives them the confidence they need to know that other students have written introductions before and it was never as difficult as it seemed.

So where can you find a dissertation introduction example?

  • One of the best places is a dissertation published by your university. This will help because you can rest assured that the format of the introduction will match the format that you have to cover.
  • Ask your advisor or you review committee first and foremost if they can procure a sample on your behalf or if they can direct you to wear a sample is. If you can obtain a sample that they have already approved that will show you not only what your academic institution requires for publication but also what your review board in particular requires. This can give you a great leg up when it comes to writing the introduction. If they are unable to help you, or they direct you to the library, this is the next best place.
  • Your school library is one of the best places for you to locate publish samples because it is generally where your academic institution will house all previously published dissertation and the introduction chapters. Your academic institution may no longer publish the dissertations in a tangible format but that is perfectly fine. An alternative for you is to simply look on your library database website and see if they have an electronic copy stored. An electronic copy can give you all the information that you need and you have the added benefit of being able to only print the introduction section for your reference and to email yourself a copy that you can refer to if ever you need to review the rest of the paper.