Where to get a sample dissertation free of charge

There are many places where you can get a sample dissertation free of charge.

  1. Ask your advisor. Your advisor should have samples that can be provided to you on similar topics as yours.
  2. Ask your committee. Your review committee should have access to years and years of filed dissertations completed by other students.
  3. Ask friends and family members who have also completed their dissertation if you can review it. They might have written on an entirely different subject or specialty but reviewing the structure of their paper can still prove valuable.
  4. Look online. There are many students who have published their work after graduation either as smaller reports, or in a peer reviewed journal. You can find resource after resource on the internet with completed dissertations free of charge that you can review. The samples are published many times and copyrighted, but offer a great deal of useful information for you.

Struggles with Writing

No matter how dedicated you are to your assignment, you will run into problems and struggle at some point or another. You might have family responsibilities that interfere with finishing your project. You may be enduring financial stress. You might just be exhausted. Whenever problems like this arise, it can seem as though the world is conspiring against you and wants you to fail. But remember that even if you cannot control everything in your environment, you can minimize the impact that external concerns have on your productivity.

Get help with your exhaustion

Many students are trying to juggle their personal and their professional responsibilities while they complete their writing assignments. You might have two jobs in order to stay in school, you might be volunteering your time at church, or trying to find a babysitter for your kids. Things like this can leave you with a feeling of deep exhaustion. Thankfully you can get help in the form of exercise, meditation, or relaxation programs (such as stretching, yoga, or massage therapy). All of these tools can help you to cope with your exhaustion and alleviate the stress of your workload. Good nutrition can also contribute to an improved sense of well-being.

Improve Your Time Management

Effectively managing your time is a great way to alleviate stress and finish your writing assignment. Below are a few strategies you can use to improve your time management:

  • Plan out every day. Block out thirty minutes to one hour to write.
  • Select a scheduling strategy that is best suited for you. Some people like to schedule their writing time in terms of a length of time (such as one hour spent on the project) while others like to quantify it based on the number of pages written or problems solved. You should determine which method works best for you.