5 Smart Tips For Brilliant Writing: How To Organize Your Dissertation

You have been working hard for years on your graduate degree, now it’s time for you to start your dissertation.  What should you do first?  Well there are lots of tips I can give you to organize your paper but I’m going to narrow it down to five important ones.

5 Smart Tips

  1. Start Early: Start on your dissertation as early as you can.  Starting early will give you more time to organize and prepare your paper.  This will also be helpful in case you run into problems along the way in your research, or anything else that might set you back a little.
  2. Research Smart:
  3.  Before you even start major research for your dissertation, make sure that you have your topic you want to focus on.  Having this weeded out in the beginning will make it easier to research and find the information you need without a lot of wasted research.
  4. Plan Out Your Paper:
  5. Make a plan for your paper; plan what you should be doing from day to day on it.  This type of schedule will ensure that you won’t fall behind on paper.  Also you might want to plan it will so you will be a week or two early on finishing your project, this will give you a window in case something comes up.
  6. Find You Work Place:
  7.  When doing a major paper like this, you need to find a place where you can work interrupted.  Find this place early and work there so you can stay focused and get your work done.
  8. Ask For Help:
  9.  If you run into a roadblock on your dissertation, ask for help.  That is why you are assigned an advisor when you start it.  They are there to help you if you need it.

The last thing you should always do when you are working this hard is to take time for yourself.  Take a break every once in a while; this will give your brain a break for a while and you can come back with fresh eyes.  Don’t forget to eat healthy and exercise during this time.  Doing this can reduce your stress and make sure you are in tip top shape to conquer your dissertation.  And lastly make time for your friends and family, making time for them will be good for you.  Having people that support you during this stressful time can give you that extra push to succeed.