Brainstorming dissertation topics: how to come up with a new idea

Dissertation writing

Writing a dissertation can turn out to be very demanding if you do not have clear directions. It is not like an ordinary essay or academic assignment. You need to pay proper attention, plan your paper, create an outline, adopt the right research methodology, and write your dissertation. This is not going to be your final version that is ready to submit. You will have to edit and re-edit your paper. Rephrase the sentences, cut down material and sometimes you may have to cut down a whole paragraph. Remember, the idea is very important, but what’s more important is the right execution of your idea.

The topic of a dissertation

The topic of a dissertation is the most critical phase in your dissertation. Many students spend weeks and months in choosing the right topic for their dissertation. You might think they were wasting time but, no, you need to spend some time with the topic selection so that you do not have to come all the way back. Writing a step is a gradual process, if you build the first step strong, the rest will be easier.


Brainstorming is an excellent method to use your productivity to the maximum and get superb results. However, it needs to be done right. If you are sitting in front of the television where your favorite movie is playing, you will never be able to concentrate on your ideas. Brainstorming is a process that demands attention. You need to do it when you are not occupied anywhere else and your mind is completely free of worries and thoughts. Here is the right method to do brainstorming and get fresh ideas. Your mind is capable of doing wonders, only if you know how to use it right.

  • Look for a calm place
  • Empty your mind of all thoughts
  • Take a pen and paper
  • Think about your dissertation subject
  • Write anything that comes to your mind
  • Do not worry about logic
  • Do not think about grammar
  • Look at your ideas
  • Try to relate them
  • Choose a few
  • Rephrase and edit

These are all the important steps for brainstorming. If you follow them gradually, you will have an excellent topic at the end of the process. However, make sure you follow each step.