Where can I get a free sample of dissertation proposals?

Writing a dissertation proposal is not an obligatory activity in all academic institutions. However, such a work would be extremely useful for everyone, and it is, therefore, highly recommended to write it.

Basically, dissertation proposal is an effective way of describing several key points of your dissertation, like the content of the work and its general idea. In addition to this, you can also mention the possible problems that will be addressed in the dissertation, give some theoretical information and make an emphasis on the methods which will be applied. Finally, you can also consider the possible outcome of your dissertation, like the solution of certain problems and etc.

The structure of the dissertation proposal is very simple. It comprises following sections:

  • Title of the dissertation;
  • General aims and objectives;
  • Theoretical basis of your future dissertation (you should mention books, articles, theories, etc., that will be fundamental for your work);
  • Details of the research;
  • Methodology (outline the basic methods you are going to use while writing your dissertation);
  • Potential findings;
  • Bibliography (optional);

Of course, for writing such a proposal, you will definitely have to have a sample. Perhaps, the easiest way to get one is to ask your scientific advisor for it. Apart from receiving the example of the proposal from the previous years’ students, you may also get a precious feedback once your proposal is finished and checked. You can also get some advice on the appropriate style and tone of the dissertation proposal from your mentor, as well.

However, asking your supervisor is not the only way to get a free sample of the dissertation proposal. Do not miss the possibility of finding an appropriate solution over the Internet. The web contains extremely huge amount of information that can be helpful to you in this matter. Use search engines and look up for the specialized sites that often provide samples of such pieces of writing free of charge.

Finally or firstly – this depends on your affinities – you may also visit your library. University libraries are obligated to keep dissertations from the preceding scholarly years, and you will probably find needed example without any difficulties.

Remember that time you spent in preparing your proposal would bear fruits in the future. You will get a clear outline of your work, many phrases and patterns from the proposal can be easily integrated into your dissertation, while the experience gained during the creation of the proposal will definitely make the writing of your dissertation easier.