Where Can I Find Thesis Examples Available For Free?

One of the most common problems that students have in college and university is how to write their thesis. There are a variety of different formats in which the paper can be written, and certain professors have particular preferences. Even though students may have the best idea in the world for an amazing thesis paper, if they are unable to present it properly, they may not get the type of mark that they are looking for, or they may not even pass at all. With the importance of handing in an excellent paper, it is worth the time to check out examples of thesis papers for free. And here is where to find them:

Professors, advisors, and tutors: Almost every professor keeps examples of the best papers that they have ever received. Not only will this show you exactly how they want it to be formatted, but you will also be able to judge what it is about the paper that had the teacher convinced it was worth keeping. Advisors keep copies of thesis papers for the same reason, and you will be able to see what it is that they are looking for. Tutors often keep some of the best works that they have found as examples to use while helping students. Most will let you take a look at what they consider to be top-notch if you simply ask.

Harness the power of the net: There are thousands of examples of different types of papers to be found on the internet. Do a search with the keywords that relate to your chosen topic, and browse through some of the top results.

University libraries or library websites: The majority of educational institutions keep copies of the best papers that they have ever received. Usually these are only accessible to students who are actually the school, however.

What to look for in the examples you find: In order to know if the examples that you are looking at are any good, keep the following in mind:

  • Is the topic captivating and specific?
  • Does it have an introduction that is appealing?
  • How well is it presented and organized? What type of language and voice is used?
  • How is the evidence laid out?
  • Is the conclusion well-written?
  • How are the bibliography and the citations listed?
  • And most importantly, what was the final grade?