Where To Look For Good Examples Of Law Dissertations

When writing any law essay, especially a dissertation, you may wish to find good quality examples of work that was written previously by other people. Not only can it help you to develop good topic ideas to write about for your own work, but will give you further inspiration of what content to include in your own paper.

One thing to bear in mind when looking for examples is to ensure that the work is relevant to your degree. For example, you may be looking for examples of law papers that have been written on the broad subject of criminal law. If this is the case then you need to be sure that any examples that you do find are not only applicable to criminal law, but also applicable to the legal system that you intend to discuss. For example, if you’re talking about laws relating to homicide, then you may find that the legal system in, for example, the UK will treat this area of law very differently to the United States. So it is important to find examples that are appropriate for the country in which you are studying.

Papers and articles on legal blogs and websites

One of the first places you may wish to look is on legal blogs and websites. Whilst you may not necessarily find full dissertations, you may still find excellent articles that can be useful for developing topic ideas, or even for individual sections of your own paper.

Look for work published on the websites of relevant law firms

Many law firms will publish articles on their websites that have been written by members of the firm. For the firm, these help with SEO practices, which ensures their website will be easier to find, as well as also demonstrating to potential clients that the law firm has a good understanding of the law.

As with legal blogs and websites, you may be able to then use these articles to assist when writing your own paper.

Look for examples on websites specialising in provided students with pre-written samples

As well as finding relevant articles online, there are plenty of websites providing actual dissertations for students to download. The quality of these can vary, as can the price - sometimes you need to pay for them, whilst others will be available for free.

Whilst many of these samples will be useful, particularly those written by professionals, you cannot always guarantee that they will have been written by someone with a detailed knowledge of the legal system and, therefore, sometimes they can be little or no help.