Academic tips for writing doctoral dissertation abstracts

The abstract section of a doctoral dissertation has a unique purpose. It works to provide a brief summary of information based on significant findings part of your research. Some students find it easier to write when they remember important aspects an abstract should have. Because this section is often one of the shortest within the project, it can be challenging to fit so much information into a limited amount of space. The following points offer further insight on how to make writing your doctoral dissertation abstract easier.

  • Study well-written abstract examples. Samples can help you get the gist of the whole assignment. An abstract is not a very long piece to write but it can be challenging when you are not sure what to include in it. A good sample will help you think about what information you need to include and what important points to focus on.
  • Know what an abstract should and should not do for your dissertation. An abstract acts as a summary for your content. It is one of the first pages readers will be introduced to. In some cases it is the first form of content that appears in search engines when published online. This information should stand out with significant details about what readers will learn about. This is not the same as an introduction.
  • Make a list of important points mentioned throughout your paper you want to mention here. This is the best way to sum up what your abstract consists of. Throughout your paper you have several important points regarding your topic and research behind it. This is likely the information you want readers to be aware off early on in your project. It should be interesting and to the point, while encouraging readers to keep reading.
  • Take your time writing this portion of your paper. Some students will write other sections of their paper and leave the abstract for last. This is a helpful way to write your abstract. You may not spend as much time writing it when you know what to say and how to say it.
  • Make sure your content is clear and concise. This cannot be stressed enough. Pay attention to terminology used to ensure readers will understand the content.
  • Use proper formatting necessary for your abstract. You may need to type your content a certain way or label this section in a specific manner.