Is It Possible to Obtain a Doctoral Degree Without Writing a Dissertation?

A doctoral degree provides you with the possibility of career growth and a promising, exciting, and profitable position. It’s not a simple task to earn a doctoral degree because it requires a lot of time, effort, and intensive writing. However, obtaining a degree without writing a dissertation is an even harder, almost impossible task. In most cases, writing a dissertation is obligatory for those who want to become doctors of sciences, but there are some exceptions. Here are some recommendations that can help you earn this academic degree without writing a dissertation:

  1. Use the Internet.
  2. Although most online universities require dissertations, the Internet provides more possibilities to earn a doctoral degree without writing one. It would be better to search for such online universities in some specific areas. These could include, for example, online course in international education, counselor education, nurse and health practice, psychology, and some other related studies. Remember that different institutions provide different programs, and that is why it is highly recommended to make some inquiries in order to find out about the duration of a program, its price, mode of study, etc. before submitting an application.

  3. Persuade your professors that you are capable of earning a doctoral degree.
  4. Some universities allow students to choose between writing dissertations, a series of some publishable research articles, a thorough research project, etc. You can show your lecturers that you have mastered the field you are studying at each step of your course, from all the exams to your coursework. Prove to your supervisor that you are worthy of obtaining a doctoral degree by conducting a significant and independent research. Remember that having a doctoral degree not only means being a professional in your sphere, but also being the creator of a new piece of knowledge.

  5. Become a respected authority in your academic area.
  6. One of the best and hardest ways of obtaining a degree without writing a dissertation is to become a highly-skilled professional in a sphere of your coursework. For example, you can impress your supervisor by presenting your published books, articles, essays, etc. Prove that you are an expert in your specific area and you can bring something new to it. You must agree that it is much easier to work towards obtaining a doctoral degree if your name is in leading science publications, and if your opinion has weight in various academic circles.