What is the key to choosing finance dissertation topics

When choosing a topic for your dissertation, remember that this will me the most important paper in your academic career. It will give you a chance to show all the knowledge and skills you have gained during your education for all of the past years. You will need to write from thirty to several hundred pages on a single topic – that is one hard choice, isn't it? Make sure your topic can pass all the steps mentioned and you will write your dissertation with joy!

  1. Does it interest you? As you will probably spend a year or even more, it will be very hard to be attached to the topic that you detest or that bores you to death. Check if you actually want to learn more about it, if the methods are interesting to you and if you will be excited about the research. This will only push you forward to each next step and make the research and writing easier.
  2. Do modern employees want it? The second very important questions is if you will be able to apply the knowledge you gain in your future life and career. Why spend your precious time one something useless, when you can actually do something that will matter for you later? If you are already sure about what you want to do in life, it shall be easy for you to decide what kind of knowledge you will need.
  3. Will you be able to find enough data? Do not forget that the dissertation is the biggest paper you have every written. You will need to fill in up to 300 pages of writing. Make sure the topic is broad enough to write so much about and there will be enough research possibilities for you.
  4. Have you checked it with your supervisor? There is a reason why you have a possibility to choose a person who will help you on this uneasy way and it shall never seem uncomfortable for you to ask your supervisor a question. Especially when this comes to a topic. Even if your supervisor does not require you to approve the topic, it is still better to seek advice on whether or not it is appropriate.

Done? Congratulations! Now you have yourself a topic that will not only bring you a successful dissertation and a good grade, but will actually be used for your self-development and career.