How To Write My Thesis In As Short Time As Possible?

It is only natural to want to get things done quickly. This is especially true if it is something you don’t want to do or do not have a particular interest in. Sometimes it is just a matter of not wanting to spend too much time on any one assignment. This is all common and can be done. If you know how, you can do something like an essay or thesis in far less time than you thought. You just have to know what to do and in what order. Here are some tips that have worked for many in the past. If you do them all in the order, you should be done in no time at all.


  • Start with all research
  • Use in-depth notes to make an outline
  • Use the outline correctly
  • Stay focused on the writing

Start With All Research

If you start by getting all of your research done than when it comes time to write you won’t have to go back and forth looking for things. Also use detailed notes to write down all of the research you intend to use. Doing so keeps it all in one place and keeps you from having to bounce from one site or book to the other while actually writing the thesis.

Use in Depth Notes to Make an Outline

The notes that you made while researching should now help you to create an outline. The outline should be made up of the notes but put in the correct order. If they are not in the order that you will be using them in the paper, then they do you no good at all. Structure your outline properly.

Use the Outline Correctly

Use this outline to guide you as you do the writing part of the work. This will help it go by faster than you could have imagined. If you use it as a guide, it will serve you very well while you do all of the writing.

Stay Focused On the Writing

Once you begin to write, focus solely on that task. Do not take a lot of breaks or let your mind wander. The more you focus on getting it done the sooner it will be done. Distractions will only make it feel like it took longer to write. Preparation is the key to fast writing. If you want to be done with the writing part quickly, then you have to prepare to write first. If you follow these tips, then the writing should fly right by like it took no time at all. It does take work, but you won’t spend nearly as much time writing.