Dissertation writing services: is it safe to use them

There are many students out there who lack the time to properly craft a dissertation. Other students may not believe in their personal skills enough. Some students feel overwhelmed by other commitments and may consider hiring someone else to write their dissertation for them.

This begs the question: is it safe to use a dissertation writing service?

  • Using a dissertation writing service means you hire someone else to write the paper for you, and then pass it off as your work. This means you claim that you did the work. While ghostwriting of this nature is not illegal and in fact is used throughout the business and professional world, in the academic world it is highly frowned upon. Many academic institutions have rules against it. It is considered plagiarism and can be grounds for your termination. For someone who has made it far enough to be writing the dissertation, it seems quite an unsafe gamble to hire someone else and still stand upon your academic integrity, over which there is now a cloud. It is also quite a risk because if the academic review board or anyone else at your institution were to catch wind of it (which can happen as easily as you using your school email to enlist the services of a professional writer, and the school catching the email) you could be stripped of academic achievements and kicked out of the institution, never allowed to receive your degree.
  • Another reason it is not safe is that if you hire someone else to write for you, truth be told, there is no guarantee that they will adhere to all of your guidelines with the same meticulous care that you would. That being said: if you don’t handle the writing yourself, and you just hire another writer and forward the attachment they send, there could be errors in there that cost you your degree all the same.

So while there are many services out there that do in fact offer high quality, original dissertation writing services by professional writers with degrees higher than yours, it is quite a risk to take when you are still considered a student and adhering to the academic policies of the institution.

In this case, it is much safer for you to rely on your personal skills and put forth the effort needed to write an outstanding dissertation. It will save you time, money, and worry.