A Guide To Academic Writing: A Dissertation Table Of Contents Template

A dissertation is one of the most critical academic writing assignments students complete during their career. It is different from ordinary writing assignments at school or college and requires extensive research, critical thinking skills and high level of attention. One needs to be very careful with the dissertation writing process because their degree depends on it. This is supposed to be submitted in the start of their degree. Students sometimes have great ideas to include in their dissertation but they are not sure how to organize and follow a logical order. The presentation, formatting and styling of the paper matters a lot in order to make a strong impression on the professors.

It can be a situation that when you complete writing your dissertation, you wonder about the overall structure and the table of contents page. You have no clue how to create the table of contents because you are going to write a dissertation for the first time. If you are through the same and struggling with the table of contents for your dissertation then you certainly need to read this article until the end. It is very easy to compose the table of contents for a dissertation. Here is how

Important parts of the table of contents

Before you start composing the table of contents for your dissertation, you need to know the basic components that are included in this table. The first thing you should write in the table of contents section is the abstract. After that, you will have your table of contents itself. The third number will be for other preliminary stuff in your dissertation, after that you include the introduction, the body, main chapters of your dissertation. Finally, you will add a conclusion section where you show future research or a summary. These will be your endnotes. After that, you will add your citation section and bibliography. This is the total components of your table of contents. All the figures, graphics, tables and appendices in your paper should be listed with numbering.

The format of this table will be according to the specifications your teacher gave to you for the entire dissertation. If you think you still need to look at a table of contents to see how it should look like, then you need to look at templates on the web and library to understand the structure and format.