In Search Of A Good College Thesis Sample: Helpful Sources

After you have finalized your topic, it’s high time to collect sources that support your college thesis. Internet is a colossal platform that offers unlimited variety of qualitative reference books, media resources, electronic resources, government publications, periodicals, magazines, newspapers etc. Before incorporating any of these resources, ensure that the data collected is reliable and relevant.

Now the question is-

How to locate authentic sources?

Check out some of them-

  1. Search engines: Yahoo, Google, and Bing are highly effective sources for collecting data.
  2. Use metasearch engine: They are good to locate several trustworthy sites. Dogpile and MetaCrawler are wonderful resources to be enlisted.
  3. IRSC libraries: The Indian River State college libraries are comprised of magnificent pool of high quality library books and periodicals and serve as an excellent research guide. You can easily access their library system and find the books and articles regarding the chosen topic.
  4. Library tutorials & User guides: You can also navigate through the online library tutorials and user guides. Online librarians are willing to guide you in case of assistance.
  5. Primary resources: In case you are looking for material on literary analysis like novel, poem and short stories; primary resources should be referred. Apart from these, in case you want to prepare documentation, speeches and content on event; primary resources with original piece of information should be considered.
  6. Secondary resources: These sources interpret information through the primary sources like journal articles etc. Keep a track of all these sources as their location changes on the web very frequently. You can also create list of bibliographies while preparing the citations.
  7. Journal articles of multiple authors: Check them out. This is a highly helpful tool.
  8. Online thesis articles: These are written by previous scholars.
  9. Electronic submissions by students: You can watch videos regarding the dissertations.
  10. Watch content on thesis and dissertation handbooks: You can get enough information regarding the documentation of your thesis.
  11. Watch the samples written by doctorate holders: Extract thesis content based on dates. This way student discovers innovative ways of thinking along with the new modes of expression.
  12. Magazines: Check out subject specific magazines and look for the content regarding your thesis topic. Offer explanations along.
  13. Online card catalogue: You can also go through the old records requesting the librarian. The old card catalogues that enlists books issued by previous students usually have loads of information.
  14. Index and abstracts: Many times lots of information can be found by watching indexes and abstracts.
  15. Knowledgeable people in your vicinity: Talk to your professors or erudite personalities living in your neighborhood.