How to write a strong MBA dissertation topic

When you are tasked with writing a strong MBA dissertation you need an equally strong topic. But what constitutes a strong topic?

A strong topic is one that will sustain you for the duration of your project. If you will get bored midway through and not want to resume work then the topic is not good. If you are not really interested in the content then the topic is not good. If you can complete a thorough and comprehensive analysis on the topic in five pages then it is far too narrow and will not suffice for the length of your dissertation. If you have only begun to scratch the surface of your analysis in the span of fifty pages then your topic may be too broad and in need to refining. If there is no existing research related to the topic then you may have to change because you will not be able to create a comprehensive analysis.

The structure of your dissertation

**Please note that your particular requirements may vary and it is important for you to check with your supervisor or advisor about what structure you need**

Basic structure for a dissertation will look like this:

  1. The title page
    • This has your title
    • Your name
    • Your course name
    • The date
    • The name of your advisor
  2. Abstract
    • This is one paragraph that summarizes your dissertation
  3. Acknowledgements
    • This is where you thank anyone who helped you write the dissertation
  4. Table of contents
    • This is where you list all of your sections with the appropriate page numbers
  5. Table of figures
    • Only if appropriate
  6. Introduction
    • This is where you present the thesis and an outline of the way your work is structured
  7. Main body
    • The facts and evidence
    • The analysis
    • The methodology
    • The evaluation
    • The discussion
  8. Conclusions
    • Clearly stating the answer to your thesis and if you were correct
    • Make recommendations or suggestions
  9. Bibliography
    • A complete list of all of your sources
  10. Appendices
    • Any information that was too large to place in the actual body of the text such as a sample of your questionnaire or a map

You might have to include other sections in your particular dissertation such as:

  • Literature review
  • Procedure
  • Methodology
  • Executive summary
  • Terms of reference