Should I use a dissertation writing service?

To get straight to the point, no. having trouble with one’s dissertation is a common issue but one that should always be resolved with hard work and determination. One’s dissertation, especially if it is a doctoral dissertation, can be extremely difficult to complete. A lot of people have trouble because so much pressure is put on the result of the dissertation. This is very normal. Cheating however, is not the way to go. Instead just do the research, put in the work and make sure to be confident in your ability to get it done and do it correctly. You may be thinking that buying a dissertation would be so much easier than actually writing one, however that is not always the case.

Why not?

  • A lot of services recycle their work
  • Most schools have a zero tolerance policy leading to expulsion
  • You will not know what you’ll need in order to work in the field you are studying

Recycled dissertations

A lot of services write a few dissertations on each topic and sell them to students who are desperate and afraid of failure. These days, almost everything written is checked for plagiarism. If you go to a service there is no way to know if they wrote this for you on the spot or if they have sold it to others in the past. This would flag your dissertation as copied work as soon as you hand it in.


Once the paper is run through a program to check for copied content, if even some of the text has been used by the writer in other papers sold and handed in the paper will be flagged as copied. At most schools they expel any student caught cheating in this way on the spot. Even if you are not expelled, often times the punishment is a failing grade at the very least. This would mean that with all of your worry about failing on your own, you will have failed anyway and never know if you could have done it yourself.

Working in the field

Most important dissertations are on the major of the student’s studies. Some are for required classes that you may think will have nothing to do with your job, however they are required for a reason. If you cheat you will not have learned what you were meant to and then when in the field of study you have chosen as a professional, you will be lacking in the necessary skills for the job.

It is better to do the work on your own. Just work hard, do the research, write the paper and hope for the best. It is much less risky than taking the chance that cheating could blow all of the work you did in school on what is often your last big assignment by getting expelled. Besides, if you do well you will have that much more confidence in yourself. If you cheat and get away with it you’ll always have to wonder, what if…