Writing A Dissertation In Education: 10 Points To Keep In Mind

Education is one of the most important parts of our lives. Since childhood we know that if we study well, we will have the chance to have a good life and a great career. A dissertation on this subject should be interesting for you and not difficult to create, since you are part of the educational system. As easy as this can seem, do not neglect your composition; there is a lot of information that you have to memorize if you want to be successful. Keep these 10 points in mind when you write:

  1. Discuss about your life as a student. This can serve as example for many things, and it can help others understand better what idea you are trying to expose.
  2. Mention your school as often as you can. In the end, you don’t know any school as good as you know your own. You can discuss about the teachers, about the teaching methods or what special rules your school applies.
  3. What do you think about uniform? Sooner or later this question will appear, so why not answer it in your dissertation? Express your honest point of view and bring arguments for this.
  4. Try to make comparisons. Let’s say that you are talking about primary school. All the country has the same system as your city? They have different methods or they follow the same schedule? In this way, anyone who will read your composition will find out many new interesting facts.
  5. Analyze educational alternatives. As you know, in the last years many alternative systems were applied in schools. Some students don’t have manuals, while others learn by singing. Which one of these systems seems successful to you?
  6. Present the student perspective. Professors don’t always realize what students think. If you help them understand in better way different opinions, they can improve their teaching methods.
  7. Emphasize the biggest problems in your school. You are not doing this to make your school look bad; you are doing this to help solve these problems.
  8. Try to bring solutions. It’s not enough to put your finger on a certain issue; you must present a few ways to solve or improve it.
  9. Make your dissertation engaging. And by this, I mean that you have to challenge your colleagues to participate in class. This will be useful for the future.
  10. Don’t forget the psychology. In the end, we are all humans and if we understand how students think, we can make them study better.