Where Can One Draw Ideas for Thesis Topics

Ideas are sometimes like trying to bottle lightning, near impossible and extremely hard.  Finding the right idea for something as important as your thesis isn’t easy and sometimes downright impossible. Finding the place to draw and idea from is difficult.  Deciding what to use as a thesis topic can be made easy, with the following inspiration ideas. Relaying on these ideas can bring a topic to the forefront that you may have previously overlooked.  Here are some ideas when it comes to finding inspiration and places to draw idea from for a thesis topic.  

Inspirations Ideas

  • Reading
  • When you read articles, essays, and related books to the subject matter you can find something that sparks your passion.  When you read about the subject matter you are studying, you develop opinions.  If you find a topic in your reading, you can find something you are passionate and then want to make the topic for your thesis.   

  • Class Discussions
  • Taking a topic that was touched on in class, and turning it into a well thought out and supported thesis is a great idea.  You can pick out something that was interesting to you and then run it.  Taking that idea and researching it and forming strong opinions can make for a great thesis.  

  • Discussion with Professor
  • When having conversations with professors, you might be able to be able to find a topic that you haven't been able to study in depth yet, that would make for an ideal topic for the dissertation.  You will be able to take something that is suggested and make it your own.

  • Internet Search
  • Typing in a subject and thesis topic in a search engine can bring up list of ideas that would make for a great topic.  While this should be a last resort, it’s a good way to see what other people are writing about and you can find something you like.  


      These go to places, are great starting places to find an idea of a topic.  You will be able to find something you are passionate about.  All three of the idea has one thing in common, and it’s finding something that really interests you.  In order to find a great topic for your thesis you must find something that you want and would love to dissect in words, really dig into.  The best place to turn to for an idea for a thesis topic is yourself, what you like, why you decided to major in that you are writing a thesis for.  You are your own best source of inspiration.